Suggested Motivational Books

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

  • He talk s about making sure the right people are on your bus. No Energy vampires!

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Taking Flight by Michaela DePrince

The remarkable story of an orphan of war to star ballerina. She was called 'the devils child' because of her skin condition. She would go on to dance in Amsterdam. See video below. 

Life in Motion by Misty Copeland

The amazing story of an unlikely ballerina. Misty didn't start taking ballet until she was too old to be taken seriously as a ballerina. See video below.

Breaking the Cycle: From Special Ed to PhD by Dr. Eboni Wilson

Dr. Eboni Wilson shares how he was placed in special education as a young boy, but went on to earn his doctorate degree at a young age. His story is one of survival. He describes how a mentor helped to change his life.

Put God First

If you want to change yourself or reach a goal, change your thinking. 

Time vs Money

Suli Speaks

Michelle Obama's 10 Rules for Success

Check out this great video!

Misty Copeland - A Ballerina's Tale Documentary

Check out this great video

Michaela DePrince's Remarkable Journey

Michaela's incredible story will amaze you. She lives and dances in Amsterdam. She was also seen in Beyonce's Lemonade video. 

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