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Dr. Porchaneé A. White, a 1984 graduate of Beaumont’s West Brook High School, is the daughter of Wil

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Pages And Words Consulting  is a community for teachers, readers, nonreaders, parents, those preparing for college or other future careers, kids of all ages, and those who just need a little motivation. We seek to encourage others to connect with like-minded individuals who want to improve their lives.

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Are you thinking about going or returning to college? Do you love to read or just need a book recommendation for a reluctant adult or child reader? Are you a teacher, student, parent or church youth leader or worker who needs suggestions or ideas? Do you need to be motivated?  Visit our links and blogs.

The Inside Scoop by Dr. Porchanee' White


Parents, Educators and Community this book offers simple yet practical ideas to help improve our school system. 

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